Get Out There!

We need You! If you have come here through a meeting with one a member of our team, wonderful!  If you approve of what you see here, wonderful! We appreciate your support, and are happy to hear that you have decided to inform yourself on the candidates. But there is still more you can do. Tell somebody!

You are the most powerful in this election, not only do you hold the power to vote, you may be able to sway other voters! you can talk to your friends and family, and they will listen. Politicians may have money, and think they have power but the reality is, you talking to those close to you is a far more powerful tool than anything they possess. Those you love or care about value you, and value your opinion. If they hear you say something, they listen, most politicians can't say that. So if you like what you've read, heard, or seen, tell someone who might think the same. This election is about you, and you decide the outcome, so give it your all. Even if you hate us telling those close to you what you think will motivate them to look into their candidates and decide for themselves what they want and need in a State Senator. Hopefully this website and our friends in the field have let you know thats me.


Alexander Leighton Williams